The ODD in Bernal Heights

This isn’t technically a van but it still deserves some serious honorable mention. The only issue is that the owner obviously has taken quite a bit of pride in the uniqueness, which I applaud but doesn’t quite adhere to the Sketchy Van guideline. But still, I do respect its existence.

Odd - Power Wagon

Odd Side Truck

Odd Front - Bernal Heights

Odd Truck Back Window


Yellow Poo Van in Noe Valley, San Francisco

Nice little number in the hills of Noe Valley

Front Chevrolet

Back view of Poo Van

Rusty Wheel of Poo Van

Interior of Van

What makes this van really special? Really really special? This is carved into the side of the van.

Side Van Shot Noe Valley

Sketched Poo in Side of Poo Van

Brown Dodge Van in Bernal Heights

Front Dodge Brown

I’ve walked past this van a number of times before I was lucky enough to have my camera with me. My favorite part about these vans is the weirdness that comes out upon closer inspection.

Side of Dodge Brown

Front Side Dodge

Dodge livin’ large.

Dodge in the back

And then – this is taped in the back window.

Ride the Storm

And just because vans are hard to see the top of doesn’t mean they can escape my camera.

Rooftop Dodge Brown

Plain White Van – or is it?

This plain white van hangs out a lot in Bernal Heights on Cortland St. If it was just parked on the street, it might not even have caught my attention. And, actually, I didn’t know what a gold-mine I had found until I walked around taking some pics of this.

White Van Parking Spot

Front of White Dodge Van

Oh baby. Who knew you were going to be such a treasure?
Side Doors of White Van

Closeup of DoorsWhite Van Back

Everyone knows this van

Yes, the every-neighborhood van. They are all over the place, they are always around, and every city has one. But do they all have one that says “weezy”? Yeah, I didn’t think so. This one was on the other street outside my house, the same time as the Yellow one was.

Front Weezy Graffiti Van

Front Corner

Side White Graffiti Van

Back Graffiti VanBack Graffiti Van



SuperShuttle – Damn, what happened?

I found this little blue beauty on my way home on Mission St. near 29th in the Outer Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. If this thing came to get me at the airport, I’d rather go get wanded and strip-searched three times in security than go home with it.

Front of the Super Shuttle

Side of the SuperShuttle

Back Side SuperShuttle

Back Super Shuttle

Yellow Chevrolet in Bernal Heights, San Francisco

Front of the Van

This one – oh man, this one is in my neighborhood and the day I saw it parked right outside my house, I knew I had to take some pictures of it. This van might very well be the one that re-sparked my drive to take pictures of sketchy vans. If you looked up sketchy vans on wikipedia, this is the one that should be there.

Side View

Wood Side of Sketchy Van

Is that a wood board? What happened to this door? Let’s see that in detail.

Wood Side of Sketchy Van in Detail

Front-Side View

And what makes this one the king of all sketchy vans is the duct tape, rusted-out roof.