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PandaSex? Panda Sex!? In the Mission?

Once again, you never quite know what you’re going to find when you do an entire walkaround of a new find. This one was just hanging out in the Mission and I’m having hard time figuring out – is this a true graffiti van or is this an art project?

Front Graffiti Van

Brown Side Graffiti Van

But then the pure joy of an artistic van find.

Panda Sex Mission Van

Panda Sex? On a van? I’m perplexed, confused, and extremely giddy.  Thanks Neil.

Neil Euro Van


Toyota Joins the Party

About time Toyota joined the Sketchy Van club. Driving around in the Mission in San Francisco, I stumbled on this little gem on a back street. Now, normally, I don’t condone the stripping of a van – it offends me personally. And normally that would immediately disqualify a van from inclusion in Sketchy Vans. But this one took an exceptional beating that it deserved to be honored in some way before heading to the junk heap.

Toyota Van Front

Toyota Side Van

Toyota Stripped

Toyota Back Side

Toyota Back Side Van

Just to show what sometimes can happen if you’re not careful with your van. Here are some interior shots.

Toyota Front Interior

Window Interior Toyota

And just to add some additional insult to the entire injurious situation. Thank you, Department of Parking and Traffic.

Toyota Parking Ticket

Dodge Continental Teaches a Lesson in Van Materials

The first van to actually let me see what vans are made of. I always thought there was a good mix or steel, plastic, aluminum, wiring, glass, and the occasional shag carpet.

Dodge Continental Front Van
Continental Coach Back

But what’s that at the bottom of the crunched in side of the van?

Dodge Continental Side

Is that wood?

Closeup of Side Trashed