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Grey Lockdown in Bernal Heights

A good way to be included in the Sketchy Van family is to have a knocked-in side door, couple broken windows, some great grafitti etched or drawn on, or a rooftop patched up by duct tape. But a sure-fire way to be included – forget fixing the hood mechanism. Just get yourself a MasterLock and a chain.

Now if you have all of them – well, you might be in the running for the best ever. A bold comment. A bold statement. Sometimes the boldest appear to be the plainest at first site.

Grey Ford Front

Grey Ford Master Lock

Grey Ford Side Door

Grey Back Shot

Grey Ford Rooftop


The ODD in Bernal Heights

This isn’t technically a van but it still deserves some serious honorable mention. The only issue is that the owner obviously has taken quite a bit of pride in the uniqueness, which I applaud but doesn’t quite adhere to the Sketchy Van guideline. But still, I do respect its existence.

Odd - Power Wagon

Odd Side Truck

Odd Front - Bernal Heights

Odd Truck Back Window