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PandaSex? Panda Sex!? In the Mission?

Once again, you never quite know what you’re going to find when you do an entire walkaround of a new find. This one was just hanging out in the Mission and I’m having hard time figuring out – is this a true graffiti van or is this an art project?

Front Graffiti Van

Brown Side Graffiti Van

But then the pure joy of an artistic van find.

Panda Sex Mission Van

Panda Sex? On a van? I’m perplexed, confused, and extremely giddy.  Thanks Neil.

Neil Euro Van


Graffiti Van in the Tenderloin

Finally had my camera with me in the Tendernob area of San Francisco. This little bad boy has been taunting me for a month or so now, as originally pointed out in a text message from Ms. Fiery herself.

Front Graffiti Dodge

Back Graffiti Van

Graffiti Van Side

Other Side Graffiti Van

Hotel SFO – welcome to your home away from home

!Graffiti Hotel Van

Foot Graffiti Van

Cherish Graffiti

Everyone knows this van

Yes, the every-neighborhood van. They are all over the place, they are always around, and every city has one. But do they all have one that says “weezy”? Yeah, I didn’t think so. This one was on the other street outside my house, the same time as the Yellow one was.

Front Weezy Graffiti Van

Front Corner

Side White Graffiti Van

Back Graffiti VanBack Graffiti Van